MPs agree on what they already agreed upon for Brexit

Parliament votes on Brexit

Look, I don’t like to put a dampener on things on a day when MPs finally agreed to something. However, given that in various TV interviews people are calling tonight’s vote a “victory” and Mrs May herself is proclaiming the decision as some kind of historic moment, I thought I should clarify what has happened in the past couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago a motion was rejected by Parliament which meant MPs were effectively saying “we don’t like this agreement, please get another one”.

Tonight, an amendment was carried by Parliament, and that amendment is effectively saying, “we don’t like this agreement, please get another one.”

All that has happened is semantics. MPs have supported an amendment which says the reverse of what was said in the original motion they rejected.

In other words, they have agreed on exactly what they agreed upon two weeks ago, which is they don’t agree with anything.

If I were the EU leadership this would be my speech tonight: “We are fed up with the nonsense in the British Parliament. We are not going to negotiate any more. Indeed, we are so fed up with you we are not going to let you leave because we have decided to chuck you out. Goodbye.”