MPs have no idea what they want over Brexit

MPs cannot make up their mind on Brexit

I thought I should give you an update from the Houses of Parliament. As you may recall, I summarised the voting a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be a good idea to say what happened yesterday in Parliament.

There were several votes which resulted in the following decisions being made by our illustrious MPs.

1. They don’t want “no deal”
2. They don’t want Mrs Mays deal
3. They don’t want to extend Article 50

(Notice, they did not vote on what they do want.)

That means they are left with only two options, neither of which do the MPs appear to have any intention of dealing with. (Though I suspect they might have a vote to confirm they don’t want these options either.)

A. Get someone else other than Mrs May to try to negotiate with the EU to see if they can get a better deal within the next 42 days.

B. Revoke Article 50 and thereby remain within the EU

Given that the EU keeps saying “no more negotiation” the MPs have boxed themselves into a corner where revoking Article 50 is the only practical option available to them. They have rejected all other options apart from one (renegotiation) which isn’t really an option because the EU is not playing ball with that one.

My prediction from June 2016 that Brexit will never happen is getting closer by the day.

My prediction that most MPs do not know their rear end from their elbow was proven true many, many months ago.