Delay to Brexit…or will it be never?

Later or now sign

It’s Monday morning so it is time for my weekly “Brexit Update” about the goings-on in Westminster.

So, Brexit is delayed. It will either be 12th April, 22nd May or never. Mrs May promised it would definitely happen on 29th March – a promise she made 108 times (according to the people who counted…!)

But Mrs May’s future is in doubt (it always has been, of course). Apparently, there are people in the Cabinet plotting against her. It seems that MPs who have said her deal is the worst deal ever and have voted against it in record numbers are willing to accept the deal if someone else presents it to them. No, I don’t understand that either.

This week we will have “indicative votes” – so presumably, other votes do not indicate anything. MPs are going to be able to select from seven options. Here’s my prediction based on research on the psychology of choice. All that the indicative votes will indicate is that MPs are split seven ways. So, by the end of the week, we’ll be in an even worse position than we are now. Sorry.

Meanwhile, 5.4m people have signed the petition to Revoke Article 50. However, MPs are not minded to take this action (at the moment) because they are doing the bidding of the “will of the people”. (Which it wasn’t – see my article link below explaining this.)

Mrs May is going to try again to bring back her “meaningless vote”, sorry “meaningful vote”, for her deal (which even the people who have voted for it don’t like, saying it is the least bad option.) MPs, apparently are allowed to keep voting on the same thing because that is “democracy”. But offering the people a second vote on the same thing is, according to most MPs, not democracy. That’s something else I don’t understand, either.

So, I am sorry I am unable to bring any clarity. I am still, though, sticking to my prediction made on 24th June 2016, which was “Brexit will not happen”.

See my article on the Psychology of Brexit here: