No bright ideas from Mrs May on Brexit despite walking holiday

Well, here we are again, another Monday and we’re still in the EU.

This week not a lot has happened. Mrs May came back from her walking holiday where she obviously had no bright ideas. (Frankly, I’m not sure she has ever had any bright ideas.) She has been remarkably silent in the past week since Parliament returned.

The polls continue to surge for the Brexit Party. However, a certain Mr Corbyn needs to read the polls too. They show that two-thirds of Labour voters want to remain in the EU and that most want another referendum. He continues to sit on the fence. Strange that, because Mrs May likes sitting on fences too. Perhaps it goes with the job of being Party leader. Oh hang on, that can’t be true, Nigel Farage has never sat on a fence. Neither have the Lib Dem leaders when it comes to the EU as they have constantly stated they want to remain.

The talks between Labour and Mrs May have stalled. She is still saying “my way or the highway”. It’s almost as though she doesn’t know what to do.

So, we’re stuck. Politicians have nothing much to work on, as there is no legislation planned because of Brexit. We should have left by now, so there was nothing scheduled for MPs to do at this moment. They are happy about that, as they’ll get more snoozing time on those green benches.

Now, we hear that the next Queen’s Speech for the next session of Parliament has been postponed and Number 10 is unable to say when it will happen. Well, at least that gives Her Maj some extra time to plan how she is going to upstage Mr Trump when he comes over in a few weeks time. I am sure she’ll do something to belittle him and help confirm what an idiot he is. So, at least we have something to look forward too.

Plus, later this week we’ll find out who are the winners and losers in the local elections. My guess is that the electorate will be the biggest losers. Ho hum.

Image of Theresa May flickr photo by EU2017EE shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license