Politicians fail to agree (again) on Brexit…!

May the Fourth be with you for Brexit

Well, it is Monday morning, so time for my weekly Brexit Update. However, I must add a “health warning” right at the start. Today is 1st April and so you might think that what I am about to tell you is some kind of joke. Believe me. It is NOT. But I wish it were….!

As predicted last week, politicians ended up not agreeing to anything, again. Actually, that’s not quite true. They do agree that they don’t agree.

Meanwhile, Mrs May lost another meaningful vote. Today, though, it has become clear that she will have a further attempt to get her deal accepted in Parliament tomorrow. I have now realised that she is descended from Obi-Wan Kenobi because if she wins tomorrow she will forever be known as “May the Fourth”.

Of course, the chances of winning on a fourth attempt are slim. Today we might discover what MPs want. It won’t matter because it has to get agreement from the EU on 10th April. One veto will stop that agreement and so two days later we’ll either leave on “no deal” or Parliament will be left with no option but to revoke Article 50. A certain Mr Farage only needs to talk to his mates in some EU countries to ensure that at least one of them vetoes any offer. I heard him say as much on the radio the other day.

So, get yourself ready, you’ll need to vote in European Elections in May.

I also have further exclusive news about the potential impact of Brexit. You can read all about it on my blog today.