Theresa May ploughs a lonely furrow for Brexit

Ploughing a lonely furrow for Brexit

Well, here we are again, Monday morning and time for another update on the unending saga that is Brexit.

Last week Mrs Theresa “No deal is better than a bad deal” May set off to Brussels to ask for a further extension for Article 50 as she had been instructed by Parliament to do so as “no-deal” had been taken off the table. So, Mrs May is left still clinging to her bad deal. We know it is a bad deal because it has been comprehensively rejected by MPs on several occasions.

Still, she ploughs on in her lonely little furrow. She came back to the UK after a couple of days in Brussels declaring that she had negotiated an extension of Article 50 until the end of October. That means the next Brexit Day is Halloween. You can’t make it up.

As Mrs May was telling MPs about her new arrangments, the EU leaders were also making announcements one of which was repeated time and time again. They said “The UK has extra time. Use that time wisely.”

So what was the first thing that MPs did? That’s right they agreed to an immediate two-week holiday. Poor things. They have been working hard. After all, we have all seen TV coverage of many of them sleeping on their padded green benches. It must be tiring poor loves, all that talking and listening. They do more hard work than a junior doctor.

Meanwhile. Nigel Farage will stand as an MEP again for his new Brexit Party because we will be having EU elections in May. Those MEPs will only be able to take up their seats for a couple of months, so few real takers for the jobs are likely. Turkeys and Christmas come to mind.

One thing is good out of all this, though. The delay until October includes two months of Parliamentary recess and one month of Party Conferences. That means the six months will only be taken up with three months of Brexit nonsense in the House of Commons. Phew…!