We’re still in the EU 10 days after Brexit should have happened

We tried to leave the EU but we're still there: no Brexit

Well, here we are, 10 days after we were supposed to have left the EU and I am writing another “Brexit Update”. Don’t blame me. It’s Mrs May’s fault, so any letters of complaint should be sent to her.

Talking of which, I heard on the radio yesterday that the letter she sent to Mr Corbyn inviting him to the “national unity” talks set out the parameters for conversation. She listed two requirements (according to the person who had seen the letter). Firstly, the withdrawal agreement could not be amended and secondly, the political intentions document could not have a single word changed. So, there you have it. Mrs May’s position for the “national unity” talks is still “my way or the highway”.

Interestingly, in Westminster this week, we witnessed Parliament exerting its sovereignty and passing a new law relating to “no-deal”. There were several vocal complaints about this action. However, all of those complaints appear to have come from the “leave” side of the argument suggesting it was undemocratic. Forgive me for not understanding, but the people who said we had to leave the EU to “get our country back” and to “regain our sovereignty” were the people complaining when parliament exerted its sovereignty. No, I don’t get it.

During the week, two polls were published. One showed that 41% of people want Article 50 revoked. Another, a few days later, showing that 60% of people want Article 50 revoked. What both polls revealed was that the “leave” camp was in disarray, with no single form of leave being agreed upon.

We ended the week with Mrs May issuing a late-night statement on paper saying that revoking Article 50 was an increasing possibility.

And in case you missed it, that means she will continue as your Prime Minister as she said she would only resign from the post when her withdrawal agreement is accepted.

Which only leaves me with one question. Who is going to play her in the inevitable Hollywood movie? We need someone who is good at playing flawed human beings who are unthinking, don’t listen to advice, and who are stubborn. Answers on a postcard, please…