Will the elections change the direction of Brexit? Some hope…!

Downing Street sign

It’s two weeks since my last “Monday Morning Brexit Update”. That’s because last Monday was a Bank Holiday, so I had a day off from Brexit. I expect you enjoyed the rest too.

They say that a week is a long time in politics, so two weeks must be massive. Except it isn’t.

Here we are, two weeks on, and nothing has changed.

Mrs May is still sticking to her “my deal is the only way forward” mantra.

Mr Corbyn is still having pained expressions on his face from the splinters up his bum as he continues to sit on the fence pretending that his party is not a “remain” party.

The talks between the two “leading” parties continue to get nowhere as Mrs May says “my way or the highway” and Mr Corbyn says “we want something that is so hard to explain that even I don’t know what it means”.

Meanwhile, as all this has been going on, both parties lost massively in the recent local elections. Mrs May tried to put a brave face on it but was all puffy-eyed as she faced the media. Read into that what you want. Over in the Labour camp, John McDonnell did not seem to understand that losing around 100 seats when he said they would gain 400 seats is a difference of 500. He is clearly not good with numbers – and he wants to be Chancellor of the Exchequer. Heaven help us…!

What was interesting was the analysis of the local election results which neither the Conservatives or Labour wanted to mention. Almost all the people who lost their seats were Brexit supporters. Virtually all the people who gained seats were remainers. There is a message there.

Neither Mrs May nor Mr Corbyn seems to be aware of that. Or they choose to ignore it.

So, we now face European elections where the pundits reckon that Nigel “I can shout very loudly” Farage is expected to do well. Given his dreadful performance on Question Time this week where he just did a combination of shouting, ignoring the questions, and inventing facts, I am not convinced the pundits are right.

After all, the pundits never told us that European football would be dominated by English teams. Fascinating how so many people want our football clubs to do well in Europe, but don’t want to be a part of it.

I blame David Cameron who appeared to have as much knowledge of which football club he supported as to how to keep the UK united.

Ho-hum. See you next week.