Seven days closer to Brexit and still no progress made by politicians

Brexit day October 2019

So, here we are again, another week has gone past, and we are seven days closer to that October Brexit deadline. And no progress has been made by our political leaders in sorting out what will happen.

When the new Halloween Drop Dead Date for Brexit was established, Mrs May left Brussels with the words of the EU ringing in her ears: “You have an extra six months, use that time wisely.”

However, in the first half of that extra time, nothing has happened. Mrs May did plan to bring back her deal for a fourth “meaningful” vote, but was blocked from doing so and had to resign. Indeed, the Conservative Party has been without a leader for several days now. I am not sure I have noticed the difference.

What I have noticed is a vast amount of “willy-waving” by Prime Ministerial hopefuls, all trying to say their plans for Brexit and the future of the country are bigger than any of the other contenders. Plus, they all seem to be trying to compete for how many drugs they have taken. “I did cannabis,” says one, “Well I did cocaine,” says another, before one chips-in, “That’s nothing, I did opium”. It is going to get worse, by the way, because there are another six weeks of this to go. The new leader is not decided until 22nd July. That means whoever is elected will have exactly 100 days in which to solve the Brexit conundrum. Some hope.

The problem the new leader faces was seen in the Peterborough bye-election last week. You may recall that the sitting MP was ousted because she was a convicted liar. (Very strange that she was the first MP ever to be eliminated due to telling fibs…!) Anyway, Peterborough voted decisively to “leave” the EU in the 2016 referendum. Now, with a Labour MP, the constituency is supporting a “remain” party. At the referendum, 61% of Peterborough voters opted for “leave”. That has dropped to 52% voting for “leave” candidates at the bye-election. It’s another indication that people could be thinking differently as to what they did in 2016. Some will have changed to “remain” others will have swapped to “leave”. Ultimately, what the Peterborough results show is that the country is still split down the middle.

The Tory party leadership race is doing nothing to heal that wound. Indeed, it is probably making it worse. One of the reasons why so many people want to “leave” is because they feel that politicians are just “out of touch” with “the people”. Yet, here we are with the leading contenders for our new Prime Minister being posh boys who went to Eton.

So good to see they have got the message.

You can’t make this stuff up. Believe me, I’ve tried…!