Will we “love” our new Brexit leader?

love island couple

It’s Monday again, so it’s Brexit Update time. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has met me in the past week to say how much they like this little weekly report. I appreciate it. Indeed, at a party on Saturday evening, several people spoke to me about my Monday morning update.

Inevitably the conversation swung round to the contest that is now facing the country. More than a dozen candidates are vying for the winning position. Most of them we have never heard of before. Yet, they are all going to be on our TV screens for the next six weeks trying to gain attention and secure that top slot.

I am, of course, talking about the nation’s most crucial leadership election for the past 12 months. Just who will win “Love Island”?

That starts on ITV2 tonight, and I am confident that by the end of the contest the nation will know more about the winner than they’ll have learned about most of the Tory leadership candidates added together. The chances are, “Love Island” will get around 3m viewers, as it did last year. More people will take part in the phone votes for that competition than will be voting for our next Prime Minister.

Not only does “Love Island” start the nation’s tongues wagging today, but people will be busy chatting about the arrival of Donald Trump. He stepped into the Brexit debate this week by suggesting that Nigel Farage took a leading role in discussions between the UK and the EU. The President also suggested that the next Prime Minister should be Bonking Boris. However, it is worth remembering that “the Donald” was elected on the basis of “making America great again”. So, it is highly likely that he believes that Nigel and Boris will be just the ticket to improve things for the USA. If you think that Donald Trump has the UK’s future in his sights, think again.

Interestingly, later this week, Donald Trump will be in Portsmouth commemorating the D-Day landings in Normandy where American, Canadian, European, and British Empire forces combined to ensure that Europe enjoyed freedom. Yet we should remember that just last year in Paris, Donald Trump did not attend the ceremonies marking the 100th year of the end of the First World War. Poor love, it was raining after all. He failed to honour the people who had provided him with the freedom to spout bile and nonsense. So, given his apparent inability to mark how Europe was freed from tyranny, I am not entirely convinced we should take any notice of his pronouncements on Brexit.

Indeed, I fully expect him this week to say, “I love the people of Brexit. They’re good people. Very good people. Very Very good people. I’ve been to Brexit, and it’s a very nice place. I loved it there. A very very nice place. Good people”.

And that’s the kind of inane chatter that Her Majesty will be trying to avoid this evening. I fully expect her to leave the State Banquet early, around five minutes to nine, so that she and Philip can get back to their apartment, switch on the TV and watch the start of “Love Island”. She’d find that much better than listening to “the Donald” drone on about how could solve Brexit.