Prime Ministerial candidates talk bunkum not facts on Brexit

Who is telling the truth about Brexit?

It’s taken all day to think about writing this week’s update. However, I don’t suppose you really mind. After all, I expect that many people have spent the day celebrating the England victory in the Cricket World Cup. So, wondering what the latest thinking on Brexit is has been far from people’s mind’s today.

The England Cricket Team is a testament to diversity, as well as team success. Several members of the team are of Asian heritage. One comes from South Africa, and the captain was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, an EU nation of course. This international and culturally mixed team will not be noticed by those “hard line” Brexiteers, of course. They will just be saying today that once again England has proven it is the best and that we can cope perfectly well on our own. Rather like the fact that they think England “won the war” or that England was a successful trading nation before the EU, they will have missed out the fact that it is international cooperation that always lies behind our global success.

But don’t let facts get in the way of opinion. We have witnessed this week the two contenders for Conservative Leader slugging it out on TV seemingly oblivious to facts. You can find several well-researched articles online which have looked at the information provided by these two Prime Ministerial hopefuls where the “facts” they have been relying on have been dismissed as bunkum. But, hey, come on, be fair, they are politicians; they don’t know any better other than to shape the facts to their version of the truth.

So, what do we actually know? The polls are saying, again, that our next PM will be Boris. This is a Trump-supporting chap who has yet to condemn the racist outpourings from this allegedly “inept” President. If Boris really were Prime Ministerial he would have publicly rebuked The Donald immediately. Even the current ditherer who resides at Number 10 has condemned the “President”. (I put that word in quotation marks as that’s his job title, but I am not convinced it is his role.)

By the way, as an aside from all this Brexit malarkey, if you haven’t done so already, listen to last Friday’s “Dead Ringers” the impression sketch show from BBC Radio 4. In it there is a news item, supposedly being read by John Humphries, in which he points out that diplomats the world over have condemned the former British Ambassador to the USA for his language when claiming that Donald Trump was “inept”. Apparently, according to the Dead Ringers sketch, the diplomats were furious that the Ambassador had not used the correct diplomatic language which should have been “pimple on the arsehole of society”.

Brexit did, though, make it into the world of TV comedy again this week when it was pointed out on “Mock the Week” that things must be really bad because the nation is looking to comedians to find out what is really going on with our Government.

What is really going on is that there is no hope of the EU renegotiating even if Boris thinks he can get them to agree. There is no hope that Parliament will pass the withdrawal agreement. And now there is no hope of “no-deal”. Even though MPs will not pass it, Boris thinks he has a trick up his sleeve by closing down Parliament and then pushing on with the current legal position.

However, John Major has said he will prevent that from happening by calling for a judicial review. Now a group of lawyers is also being assembled to take it to the Supreme Court. Plus at least two MPs are set to resign the Tory whip if Boris becomes PM meaning even with the DUP support, he will lose his majority.

In other words, he’s stymied. But that means we’re all stymied. The only way to find out what is actually going on is to listen to this week’s Dead Ringers on Friday at 6.30pm.