The most powerful person in Britain now holds keys to unlocking Brexit deadlock

Jo Swinson Liberal Democrats holds keys to unlocking Brexit

Well, what a week it has been. We have witnessed a political party elect a new leader and for that individual to become the most powerful person in the land. This person was the run-away favourite to win. So it should not have been a surprise to you when Jo Swinson CBE was announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Within her first day in office, she said ten words which have propelled her into the most powerful individual in the country. Yet few people appear to have noticed it. She said: “I can work with Labour but not with Jeremy Corbyn.” This single sentence could change the face of British politics in just a few weeks – and, in the process, reverse Brexit.

The reason for that is the other political landslide this week, the election of Boris “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Johnson (no honours to add after his name here, unlike Jo Swinson). He has wowed the Tory faithful and has been given plaudits by several commentators for his “man of action” first five days in the job. However, his dramatic reshaping of the Cabinet has unleashed a significant change in the Parliamentary arithmetic.

While Mrs May was the boss (OK, “boss” is the wrong word, I know), she had several ministers who did not support her. However, rather than resign and, thereby bring down the Government, these “dutiful” chaps simply abstained. That meant that the votes against the Government were fewer than they would otherwise have been. Now, though, Boris has set these people free by sacking them. They are now able to vote against the Government, adding to the numbers who are going to vote against “no-deal”. Far from getting us closer to Brexit, the sacking of several ministers has changed the Parliamentary arithmetic even more strongly against the Government. The new Prime Ministers has in a single afternoon, turned the abstainers into votes against him and thereby also provided Jo Swinson with her power.

Boris thinks he is safe. He and his cronies keep saying if you don’t support them, you’ll end up with Jeremy Corbyn. But that’s where Jo Swinson steps in. Once it is clear that the only way out is a General Election, Labour will see that the polls are showing another hung Parliament. Yet, they will also see a glimmer of hope. Jo Swinson and a revived Liberal Democratic Party have already said they are willing to work with Labour. But they’ll have to ditch Jeremy first.

With the internal Labour polling showing a dramatically decreased support for “Jeremy the Ditherer”, the appeal of getting rid of the Tories by working in tandem with the Lib Dems will be too strong. Out will go Jezza. Labour will get Jo Swinson’s support as they will campaign on a “remain” ticket. Even if they only scrape through, Boris will have “no-deal” to keep him in Number 10 any longer.

Meanwhile, back in the fantasy land that the Prime Minister inhabits, yesterday, Michael “Back Stabber” Gove was busy telling the media that the Government’s number-one priority now was preparing for “no-deal” which is appearing as the only option. Could he be playing the “long game”? He has stood against Boris twice and is now his “best mate” helping him get “no-deal”. I don’t buy it. The more thickly he lays on the “no-deal” sauce, the more he pushes Boris into a corner. And when Boris is ousted due to the inevitable General Election loss forced on him by Jo Swinson, who’ll be in the wings to “reunite the party”? Have a guess.

The only thing Mr Gove needs to worry about is that our current Prime Minister once conspired (allegedly) to have a journalist beaten up, though he did baulk a bit at the breaking of bones. The other concern that “Govey Govey” should have is that Boris was promising so many changes to make people feel better, his spending seems to have topped £100bn. All without a whisper of an idea as to where the cash was coming from. Mmmm. Let me think. If only the UK were in the EU, Boris could get some grants to help him out with finance for his ideas. Ho-hum.

Image by Keith Edkins [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons