Looks like you need to be a big fibber to support Boris

Do you need to tell lies to support Brexit?

Two radio interviews on different stations stood out this week to help confirm what I’ve thought for a long time. The people supporting Boris are not always great friends with the truth. Not only that, these two interviews showed that the individuals involved are as bonkers as Boris.

The first interview was when Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, was interviewed on BBC Radio Four. He was challenged about his support for “no-deal” and was asked how long he had supported that position. His reply was highly specific. He pointed out an interview he gave with BBC Radio Five Live during which he had pointed out he had always supported “no-deal”. Mr Raab even gave the date on which that interview had taken place. He went on to say how he had been interviewed several times by the BBC and had always maintained support for “no-deal”. He also claimed he had supported “no-deal” throughout the referendum campaign. He was adamant.

Now, either he is incredibly stupid, or he has some kind of memory problem. That means you can either laugh at his stupidity or be sympathetic for his clear memory issues. The reason he could be stupid is that he surely must be aware that the BBC has sophisticated systems whereby it can find the content of any interview on any of its outlets within seconds. Indeed, I used to do some work with the BBC a long time ago, before the invention of search engines, and even then the BBC Library had phenomenal powers to locate content. So, all the BBC had to do following the Foreign Secretary’s interview was to find all the times that he had been in support of no-deal during the referendum campaign.

You guessed it, there is no evidence of what he claimed during his Radio Four interview. Channel Four News also conducted a similar investigation of Mr Raab’s previous comments about no-deal, as did The Guardian. Neither of them has been able to locate what the Foreign Secretary claimed. In other words, in spite of his specific insistence that he was clear about “no-deal” during the referendum campaign, there is no evidence to support what he now says.

Remember, this is the man who didn’t realise that Dover was an important port. He also resigned as Brexit Secretary as he could not support Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. Then he voted in favour of it…!

But let’s not be too harsh on this man who may have memory issues. Let’s also consider other Brexit supporters. The economics advisers to Boris Johnson have long argued that the predictions of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, have been pessimistic or wrong. It has all been blamed on the so-called “Project Fear” of pro-EU supporters, like Mr Carney.

This week, though, in the second snippet of radio I heard, on LBC, I discovered that a leading Brexiteer and supporter of “no-deal” has admitted that much of what Mr Carney has been saying over the past three years has already been proven correct. Even though this Brexit supporting economic adviser has said that Mr Carney is spinning nonsense, he now agrees with much of what the Governor of the Bank of England has said. In other words, Bonking Boris has been given the wrong advice. But you knew that.

Project Fear has now been taken over by the Brexiteers themselves. The Government spent the weekend trying to frighten the EU by saying they will face “no-deal” causing chaos in Europe. However, the Government clearly hasn’t been keeping up with the news. The EU started its planning for “no-deal” back in 2016 and spent billions of Euros in getting ready. Europe is in a position already to cope with “no-deal”. Sadly, the UK is not.

It all goes to show that the current Government is a group of people who are unable to check facts, to tell the truth, or to know what is really going on. They are in a fairy tale land where they’d be able to keep Pinocchio company.

PS. If he asks you, please tell Jacob Rees Mogg that I used double spaces between each sentence. (His first job as Leader of the House was to issue instructions on how his staff should type, including a ban on single spaces between sentences. So good to see the Cabinet concentrating on important issues.)

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  1. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic. We’re all going to suffer major economic and social disaster because of a bunch of numpties who should never have reached the elevated positions they hold.

    However, at the end of the day, it is the electorate who dunnit!

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