Boris is a lying, cynical, political opportunist – according to his mate

Boris Johnson and David Cameron before Brexit divided them

Boris Johnson did not lie to the Queen. We know so because he told us he didn’t. Oh, hang on, that might be a lie. After all, he has lied to us many times and doesn’t seem to care about it. So why should we believe him when he says that he told Her Majesty the truth about the need to prorogue Parliament?

Add to that, the revelations from his mate David Cameron this weekend where he says in his new 752-page book, “For the Record”, that Boris is a great big fibber. He accuses the Bonker of only siding with Brexit because it would help his career ambitions. “Boris rode the bus round the country, he left the truth at home,” says Mr Cameron.

None of this is any surprise. Indeed, it wasn’t even a surprise when Bonkers Boris stood next to the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar recently and said that negotiations were going well. Yet Mr Varadkar just patiently pointed out that he was not aware of any such progress. Boris was standing right next to the man who would know about negotiations and blatantly lied about them. Even being “found out” in public like that doesn’t put Boris off fibbing.

Also, what was striking was that Mr Varadkar stood rather statesman-like and looked the part. But Boris stepped up to the lectern, hair a mess, doing some kind of weird chest press exercise and then allowed his shirt to come untucked. He’s not really the image of a leader of a G7 nation.

There again, he might not need to worry about that. Having been amongst the top of the G7 economically, Britain this month fell to the bottom. Our current economic position could mean we need to leave the G7. Indeed, with a no-deal Brexit, that’s almost certain as even Boris says our economy will suffer (unless that too is a fat fib).

Meanwhile, it is clear that the “transfer window” is still open for politicians to move parties. The Lib Dems have welcomed in seven new MPs in the space of just a few weeks. The party has started to see a rise in the opinion polls too, at the same time as the Brexit Party is losing fans. Indeed, the voting intentions polls show that support for the Brexit Party has halved in the space of the past four months.

That’s because Boris has stolen their voters with his “do or die” policy. Yet at 30% in the polls, it’s still not enough to get a clear majority at the next election. So look carefully at what is happening with the Labour Party. They are split between “remain” and “we’ll negotiate a fantastic deal and then campaign against it”. No, that makes no sense to me either.

However, Tom Watson has this week shown how much of a gap there is between him and Confused Corbyn. And there is nothing the septuagenarian skipper of the Labour ship heading to the rocks can do. The Deputy of the Labour Party is not appointed by the leader but directly elected by the membership. Tom Watson is secure to keep showing the division. Cleverly, this week, he suggested having a second referendum before an election. That would force an even greater delay – providing more time to get rid of Corbyn.

The result of that would be clarity from Labour as a Remain Party. They know they’ve already lost several seats to the Brexit Party in the north, so there is no point in trying to recover them. Instead, combined with the clarity now on offer from the Lib Dems to Revoke Article 50, a later general election would mean just that. The Lib Dems would gain several more seats. Together with a more unambiguous Labour policy, it would mean they would either have to run a second referendum or just give up and stay within the EU.

Meanwhile, Boris will go down in history as the Prime Minister with the shortest time in office. I have no doubt he will then tell us all that it was all his master plan so we could get clarity into politics after years of fudge and muddle. But will his claims that this was all his grand idea be the truth or a lie? We’ll have to ask the Queen what she thinks. And I bet that she feels much the same as us about Boris the Bonkers Bonker.