Schoolboy error by Boris on Brexit

Eton College Weston's Yard via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Yesterday you could almost hear the “ner, ner, ne ner ner” taunting from Bonkers Boris after he “didn’t” send the required letter to the EU requesting an extension of the Article 50 deadline.

“Super Saturday” turned out to be anything but. Instead, it was “Shambles Saturday” because the latest Withdrawl Bill was stopped in its tracks by an amendment put forward by “Leaky Letwin”. (He once claimed over £2,000 as “Parliamentary Expenses” to repair a leaking pipe under his home tennis court.)

The acceptance of the amendment meant that the “Withdrawal Agreement Bill” could not proceed and so Boris would have to obey the existing law and send a letter to the EU requesting an extension. (By the way, did you know that in parliamentary circles the “Withdrawal Agreement Bill” is simply referred to as the “WAB”. I suspect it, therefore, means “What Absolute B*ll***s”.)

Anyway, back to the plot. The House of Commons sitting on Saturday ended with everyone wondering whether Boris would send the letter he was legally required to do. Instead of sending the letter, like a petulant Eton toff schoolboy, he thought he’d be clever and send an unsigned photocopy of the letter. He has probably spent the subsequent hours going “I sent the letter…BUT…I didn’t send it…! Ha Ha. So there…! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

I imagine in my mind’s eye that when he was at Eton and was forced to “do some lines”, he’d have bought them off some other enterprising kid who was happy to write them out for cash. Then Boris would have handed in his lines saying “I did them Sir…but, ha, ha…I didn’t” before scampering around the yard telling his mates how he had beaten the system and fooled his housemaster.

This truculent behaviour from Boris the Bonker will inevitably come back to bite him. If he had done the “lines trick” at Eton, then his masters would have soon found him out and punished him even further. When anyone tries to bend the rules in such a way, punishment soon follows. Expect the courts today to find against him. Plus, on Tuesday when he returns to the Commons, those wavering MPs who might have supported him, will be feeling more unlikely to help. Boris has made a schoolboy error in trying to appear too clever by half.

Meanwhile, some MPs have been trying to get a few EU leaders to veto the process of extending the Article 50 deadline. The chances are a new deadline will be agreed, but that might not come until a hurriedly arranged European Council meeting on 28th October – just one week from today.

This all plays into Boris’s hands – or so he thinks. It means that with such a tight deadline, Parliament will not have time to do anything with the WAB. For Boris, this means he’ll inevitably get “no-deal”. However, running fast and coming up on the inside in that situation is revocation of Article 50.

MPs are mainly remainers. The extent of the demonstration on Saturday from the “People’s Vote” campaign will have been matched by considerable input into the inboxes of MPs. They are saying publicly “Let’s get Brexit done”, but they will know that their inbox is full of people who tell them we should remain. The letters that MPs are receiving will reflect what we see – massive protests in favour of remain, and just a trickle of visible support for leave.

Push is going to come to shove next week. Don’t bank on Brexit happening just yet. But if it does, it will likely be the “new deal” which failed on Saturday. However, according to independent economic assessment at the University of London, Boris’s deal is worse for us than “no-deal”…and that was going to cut GDP by 8%…! MPs will probably shy away from such a predicted dreadful outcome. However, if as a result, Brexit doesn’t happen, we can expect Prime Minister Farage to take his place in Downing Street before Christmas.

This is getting really worrying…!

Photo by Martin Kraft [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons