Prepare yourself for loads of Brexit fibs in the election campaign

Truth and lies about Brexit

In Northern Ireland last week, Boris reached new heights of brazen bullsh*t. He told what was a small group of Tory supporters that there was no need for any customs documents from Northern Ireland because of his fantastic Brexit deal. He even went as far as to say that if anyone told businesses any different, they should call the Prime Minister who would tell them to throw away the customs documents they had been asked to complete.

There are several things wrong with Boris’s rant. First, by saying that people could call the new Prime Minister, he is assuming that in a few weeks that he will be PM. That’s far from certain. Secondly, what Boris said was the complete opposite to what his Brexit Secretary told Parliament in response to questions. It is, also, an entirely different interpretation of the “deal” to legal experts who have commented.

Either Boris was deliberately lying to gain support. Or he doesn’t even understand his own deal. My bet is on both. Indeed, many of the outlandish things he has been saying in the past week suggest a man in panic mode.

This week his “mentor” and “guide”, Dominic Cummings, was revealed as saying that the Conservatives are completely out of touch with the public. The man who is supposedly spearheading the Tories to victory clearly hasn’t got much respect for them. Which begs the question, why is he lending them his support?
Aha, it’s all to “Get Brexit Done”. Apparently, they have an “oven-ready deal”. If I hear that phrase again, I shall be grateful if they bring back “strong and stable”. Besides, the only things “oven-ready” at a Christmas-time election are turkeys, which is apt.

Meanwhile, as the Tories tear themselves apart with a cabinet resignation and the exposure of blatant lying, the Labour Party is also in turmoil. The anti-Semitism issue has been “front of stage” again and with the Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, refusing to stand as a candidate, Jezza is having to cope with sorting out his own party instead of dealing with the competition.

And as of this is not enough to whet your appetite for four more weeks of turmoil, we’ve had Nigel Farage refusing to stand as a candidate, the Green Party promising to borrow billions to spend on the environment and the SNP getting ready for another referendum to enable Scotland to leave the UK. On top of that, that, Jacob Rees-Mogg was banished from Tory Campaign HQ after insulting Grenfell residents by suggesting they didn’t have any common sense. Well, I reckon the common sense thing to do for the people of Somerset is to vote for someone else.

Then there has been the ongoing debate about, well, debates. Who should get to go onto TV and debate things with one another? It turns out that Nigel Farage, who is not standing in the election and who leads a party with no MPs, will get to appear on two TV debates. However, Jo Swinson, the leader of a party that recently had 19 MPs, is only being allowed to appear in one debate, which will not have Tory or Labour taking part. In addition, we’ve had a phone-in on LBC asking whether Jo Swinson could ever be PM. Caller after caller after caller said there was “no way” they would vote for her because she was “too screechy”. But I doubt that Jo Swinson is really that bothered. The last female politician who was accused of being “too screechy” and who did not appear in a TV debate was a certain Margaret Thatcher.

Don’t go and assume that this election is going in any predictable direction. Stranger things have happened; just ask Donald Trump.