Boris trumps Corbyn over Brexit

Boris Johnson trumps Corbyn in election shocker

Well, well – no-one saw this coming, Boris beating Jezza in such a massive victory that it breaks all kinds of records. It’s the best Tory result since Mrs Thatcher. It’s a worse Labour result than Michael Foot.

It’s also the first time in British history that our leader so accurately copies the American President by being a lying womaniser. Just like the USA, we have elected someone who openly lies, who uses racist language and who most people think is dreadful. It’s a bonkers world.

Almost four years ago, political pundits warned that should the EU referendum go ahead it would lead to the splitting up of the UK. Today’s election results show that it is getting ever closer. There was a massive victory for the Scottish National Party which campaigned on having a new referendum on independence. Over in Northern Ireland, for the first time in its history, the majority of its MPs are now nationalists, preferring a united Ireland.

But this morning, the Tory party has ruled out a further independence referendum for Scotland. Even though the SNP won the majority of the seats, it turns out that just over 50% of people voted for parties that do not support independence. So, the Tory logic is that the SNP appears to have a majority, but it is a quirk of our first past the post system.

Of course, the Tories are not using the same logic when it comes to the desire for a “People’s Vote” on the EU. Even though the Conservative party had a thumping majority, 51% of people voted for parties that promised a second EU referendum.

And if you are interested in quirks of the first past the post system, the Conservatives who were 21 seats short of a majority last Parliament, increased their share of the vote by just over 1%. But that produced an additional 47 seats. Meanwhile, the Greens increased their share of the vote by the same amount and had no increase in MPs. The Lib Dems were amongst the biggest winners. They had an increase in the share of the vote four times greater than the Conservatives. But that lost them one seat.

Yes, our voting system is bonkers.

So, what happens now? Well, it is not going to be as easy as Boris thinks. He is going to have to please those die-hard Labour seats he has won with tax cuts, additional spending and jobs. But he will discover in his negotiations with the EU that he cannot achieve that unless he agrees to several things those same voters do not want.

In other words, before too long, he’s going to be in a state of dither and delay. This “Getting Brexit Done” is going to turn out a whole lot more complicated than he thinks. Not because of the EU, but because the people who voted him in are not his usual electorate. He is going to have to learn quickly that what they want is different from the desires of the leafy suburbs of Surrey.

Hold on tight; we’re in for a bumpy ride.