Brexit chaos ditched in favour of General Election

Boris Johnson in a ditch

Well, where do I begin…? First, it’s probably worth saying that I could well have been wrong all these weeks for which I have been writing my thoughts on Brexit. Instead of deriding our politicians, I need to thank them. They have been doing a tremendous job. They are brilliant at it and I should thank them very much indeed for what they have done. That’s a surprise, isn’t it? But I haven’t yet said what I am thanking them for…! I am tremendously grateful for their stupidity, incompetence and thoughtlessness because they have given me so much to write about. Without the likes of Bonkers Boris, Nutty Nigel or that Joyless Jerk Jacob I’d be stuck. So, I, first of all, want to thank them and all their colleagues …

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In the world of Brexit, just who is the most stupid? There’s a long list..!

Anti Brexit March

It has been a rather amazing week, hasn’t it? First, in spite of earlier denials, all of the opposition parties joined together to say they would work as one to defeat “no-deal”. Then, Boris does a u-turn on his previous claims and announces “proroguing” of Parliament. That, in turn, led to mass protests up and down the country. And yesterday, the Government was doing the rounds of the TV and radio studios to let it be known that even if Parliament did agree on legislation to prevent “no-deal”, they would probably not take it to the Queen for Royal Assent and therefore the “will of the politicians” would not become law. As if that were not enough, the chief adviser to Boris sacked someone working for the Chancellor, Sajid Javid. …

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Stormy times ahead for Government’s Brexit move

Stormy times ahead for Brexit parliament

Yes, I know it is Thursday, not Monday, but I can hardly let the events of yesterday wait another four days before I talk about them. Besides, I suspect a great deal more is going to happen in the next four days…! In case you missed it yesterday, here’s what happened. Jacob Rees-Mogg went to see Her Majesty in his role as “Lord President of the Privy Council” to advise her that Parliament should be “prorogued”. The Queen, who I imagine at first thought that Moggy was a Palace ghost from the 19th Century, has no choice. So she had to sign the order to stop Parliament for a month. The last time anyone stopped Parliament for this long was back in 1628, and the person who asked for that …

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Is Boris crazy, a conman, or a conjuror? More Brexit nonsense…

Brexit Boris the conjuror

It’s been another week where Boris “Trust me I’m a politician” Johnson has never been out of the headlines. He’s clearly trying to create an image as “Action Man”. However, looking at everything he has done in recent weeks he is either more bonkers than I thought, or he is deliberately conning us, or he is a magician distracting us from what is really going on.If you can set aside his buffoonery – such as putting his foot on a table in France because the French President said “it looks like a footstool” – focus on what he has been doing. He has been touring the United Kingdom clearly having found the “magic money tree” that he has always told us never existed. Indeed, I’ve become increasingly convinced he’s a …

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Brexit double-talk means all is not what it seems

Brexit not going well sign

This week I expect you heard me laughing. Twice, as I drove up the A34 in the past seven days, I laughed out loud at what I heard on the car radio. The first belly laugh came when Donald Trump announced that the USA would be able to sort out a trade deal with the UK and have it up and running ready for the first day after Brexit had happened. It took the USA six years to organise a deal with its next-door neighbour Canada and the negotiations it started with Thailand in 2006 have yet to be concluded. Plus, there are 16 other trade agreements that the USA has been trying to get going since the 1990s. If Donald Trump thinks he can do one inside the next …

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Brexit coincidences line up to prevent “no-deal” from happening

Brexit coincidence

Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence that the day the Chancellor of the Exchequer visits the HQ of the National Grid that the lights went out across Britain. We should be told if he said: “What does this button do?” just before much of the nation was plunged into darkness on Friday evening due to two power stations simultaneously being taken offline. The cynics amongst us might point to the fact that this unique nationwide event became the “splash” headline across TV and radio, knocking the dreadful economic news off from the top spot. So, in case you did miss it, this week we discovered that the British economy shrank in the past three months – the first time it has done that in almost a decade. The indicators are …

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Looks like you need to be a big fibber to support Boris

Do you need to tell lies to support Brexit?

Two radio interviews on different stations stood out this week to help confirm what I’ve thought for a long time. The people supporting Boris are not always great friends with the truth. Not only that, these two interviews showed that the individuals involved are as bonkers as Boris. The first interview was when Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, was interviewed on BBC Radio Four. He was challenged about his support for “no-deal” and was asked how long he had supported that position. His reply was highly specific. He pointed out an interview he gave with BBC Radio Five Live during which he had pointed out he had always supported “no-deal”. Mr Raab even gave the date on which that interview had taken place. He went on to say how he …

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The most powerful person in Britain now holds keys to unlocking Brexit deadlock

Jo Swinson holds keys to unlocking Brexit

Well, what a week it has been. We have witnessed a political party elect a new leader and for that individual to become the most powerful person in the land. This person was the run-away favourite to win. So it should not have been a surprise to you when Jo Swinson CBE was announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Within her first day in office, she said ten words which have propelled her into the most powerful individual in the country. Yet few people appear to have noticed it. She said: “I can work with Labour but not with Jeremy Corbyn.” This single sentence could change the face of British politics in just a few weeks – and, in the process, reverse Brexit. The reason for that …

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It’s fishy business for Brexit this week

Boris Johnson talks fish nonsense on Brexit

Fish are going to feature somewhat centrally this week to my report. Stick with me, there is a reason. If you saw the last TV debate between “Boris The Liar” and “Jeremy The Entrepreneur” you can’t have missed the kipper-waving moment. It was typical Bonking Boris theatre. However, what he told us – and for which he got cheers and applause – was just a blatant lie. He said that the EU was forcing British businesses that sent kippers in the post (daft idea anyway) to wrap them in a cooling gel. As is so often the case, Boris didn’t bother to check the facts. The requirement for British fish-shipping businesses to wrap their products in cooling gel comes from the UK Food Standards Agency and has nothing to do …

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Prime Ministerial candidates talk bunkum not facts on Brexit

Who is telling the truth about Brexit?

It’s taken all day to think about writing this week’s update. However, I don’t suppose you really mind. After all, I expect that many people have spent the day celebrating the England victory in the Cricket World Cup. So, wondering what the latest thinking on Brexit is has been far from people’s mind’s today. The England Cricket Team is a testament to diversity, as well as team success. Several members of the team are of Asian heritage. One comes from South Africa, and the captain was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, an EU nation of course. This international and culturally mixed team will not be noticed by those “hard line” Brexiteers, of course. They will just be saying today that once again England has proven it is the best …

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