Boris tries to mop up Brexiteers

Mopping up the votes in Brexit election

Viewers of BBC 1 Breakfast News were given a treat this week. They witnessed the haphazard and hilarious attempts by Boris Johnson to help mop up a flooded floor. He clearly had no idea what he was doing. But that’s probably not news to you; he appears to have little idea about much. The mopping mayhem happened in his feeble attempts to win over the voters affected by flooding in the north of England – that well-known Tory stronghold…! What he was hoping, I imagine, was that he could mop up the Brexiteer votes. Nigel Farage decided this week to abandon his two-day-old promise of standing in every seat. Instead, he said he would not allow the Brexit Party to stand against the Tories. This is as bonkers as Boris. …

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Groundhog Day for Brexit

It's Groundhog day for Brexit

Yes, I know it’s a Bank Holiday and you should be having a nice relaxing day in the sunshine forgetting all about Brexit. But it has been a rather momentous week, so it is time for an update. The first thing to say is that Mrs May completely fooled me. This time last week I was saying she was going to be vague about her timetable for resignation. Then she only goes and does something that I was unable to predict. She did, as I said, bring back her deal. But I had no idea that she would tinker with it to such an extent that it would alienate the opposition and most of her loyal supporters at the same time. It takes a special skill to be able to …

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