Looks like you need to be a big fibber to support Boris

Do you need to tell lies to support Brexit?

Two radio interviews on different stations stood out this week to help confirm what I’ve thought for a long time. The people supporting Boris are not always great friends with the truth. Not only that, these two interviews showed that the individuals involved are as bonkers as Boris. The first interview was when Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, was interviewed on BBC Radio Four. He was challenged about his support for “no-deal” and was asked how long he had supported that position. His reply was highly specific. He pointed out an interview he gave with BBC Radio Five Live during which he had pointed out he had always supported “no-deal”. Mr Raab even gave the date on which that interview had taken place. He went on to say how he …

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Groundhog Day for Brexit

It's Groundhog day for Brexit

Yes, I know it’s a Bank Holiday and you should be having a nice relaxing day in the sunshine forgetting all about Brexit. But it has been a rather momentous week, so it is time for an update. The first thing to say is that Mrs May completely fooled me. This time last week I was saying she was going to be vague about her timetable for resignation. Then she only goes and does something that I was unable to predict. She did, as I said, bring back her deal. But I had no idea that she would tinker with it to such an extent that it would alienate the opposition and most of her loyal supporters at the same time. It takes a special skill to be able to …

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