Boris trumps Corbyn over Brexit

Boris Johnson trumps Corbyn in election shocker

Well, well – no-one saw this coming, Boris beating Jezza in such a massive victory that it breaks all kinds of records. It’s the best Tory result since Mrs Thatcher. It’s a worse Labour result than Michael Foot. It’s also the first time in British history that our leader so accurately copies the American President by being a lying womaniser. Just like the USA, we have elected someone who openly lies, who uses racist language and who most people think is dreadful. It’s a bonkers world. Almost four years ago, political pundits warned that should the EU referendum go ahead it would lead to the splitting up of the UK. Today’s election results show that it is getting ever closer. There was a massive victory for the Scottish National Party …

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Prepare yourself for loads of Brexit fibs in the election campaign

Truth and lies about Brexit

In Northern Ireland last week, Boris reached new heights of brazen bullsh*t. He told what was a small group of Tory supporters that there was no need for any customs documents from Northern Ireland because of his fantastic Brexit deal. He even went as far as to say that if anyone told businesses any different, they should call the Prime Minister who would tell them to throw away the customs documents they had been asked to complete. There are several things wrong with Boris’s rant. First, by saying that people could call the new Prime Minister, he is assuming that in a few weeks that he will be PM. That’s far from certain. Secondly, what Boris said was the complete opposite to what his Brexit Secretary told Parliament in response …

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Boris reckons he’ll have Brexit wrapped up by Christmas

The race is on for sorting Brexit out by being the first to get to Downing Street

We all knew it was coming and, sure enough, Boris pushed through a bill in Parliament to allow a General Election to take place in just 38 days from now. It should not go unnoticed, though, that in spite of suggestions to allow 16 and 17 year-olds to vote, this was blocked. Strange that Boris himself was elected by such teenagers as they were allowed to vote in the Tory leadership contest a few months ago. One rule for Boris, another for the rest of us? Boris’s plan is to get a stonking great majority so that he can push through Brexit without opposition. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s the same plan Theresa May chose last year. Whatever happened to her? You may have noticed that Boris is just repeating what …

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Boris’s Brexit plan might work: and he does not want that to happen..!

Brexit and the Northern Ireland border

Boris the Bonker has a problem: it looks like his plan to leave the EU before 31st October MIGHT be able to happen. And that was NOT the plan. His plan was revealed in an interview on BBC Radio Four this week. It turns out he confided in the interviewee a couple of months ago about his real strategy. The plan is to confuse, to bluster, to promise to leave but make opposition MPs angry and the EU even more frustrated. That is intended to either halt Brexit or to force another delay. Boris will then be able to turn to the country saying, “Look, I promised, but I was unable to meet my commitment to you because I was stopped by the dreadful MPs and the horrible EU”. His …

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Brexit chaos ditched in favour of General Election

Boris Johnson in a ditch

Well, where do I begin…? First, it’s probably worth saying that I could well have been wrong all these weeks for which I have been writing my thoughts on Brexit. Instead of deriding our politicians, I need to thank them. They have been doing a tremendous job. They are brilliant at it and I should thank them very much indeed for what they have done. That’s a surprise, isn’t it? But I haven’t yet said what I am thanking them for…! I am tremendously grateful for their stupidity, incompetence and thoughtlessness because they have given me so much to write about. Without the likes of Bonkers Boris, Nutty Nigel or that Joyless Jerk Jacob I’d be stuck. So, I, first of all, want to thank them and all their colleagues …

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In the world of Brexit, just who is the most stupid? There’s a long list..!

Anti Brexit March

It has been a rather amazing week, hasn’t it? First, in spite of earlier denials, all of the opposition parties joined together to say they would work as one to defeat “no-deal”. Then, Boris does a u-turn on his previous claims and announces “proroguing” of Parliament. That, in turn, led to mass protests up and down the country. And yesterday, the Government was doing the rounds of the TV and radio studios to let it be known that even if Parliament did agree on legislation to prevent “no-deal”, they would probably not take it to the Queen for Royal Assent and therefore the “will of the politicians” would not become law. As if that were not enough, the chief adviser to Boris sacked someone working for the Chancellor, Sajid Javid. …

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Will the elections change the direction of Brexit? Some hope…!

Downing Street Sign

It’s two weeks since my last “Monday Morning Brexit Update”. That’s because last Monday was a Bank Holiday, so I had a day off from Brexit. I expect you enjoyed the rest too. They say that a week is a long time in politics, so two weeks must be massive. Except it isn’t. Here we are, two weeks on, and nothing has changed. Mrs May is still sticking to her “my deal is the only way forward” mantra. Mr Corbyn is still having pained expressions on his face from the splinters up his bum as he continues to sit on the fence pretending that his party is not a “remain” party. The talks between the two “leading” parties continue to get nowhere as Mrs May says “my way or the …

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