Prime Ministerial candidates talk bunkum not facts on Brexit

Who is telling the truth about Brexit?

It’s taken all day to think about writing this week’s update. However, I don’t suppose you really mind. After all, I expect that many people have spent the day celebrating the England victory in the Cricket World Cup. So, wondering what the latest thinking on Brexit is has been far from people’s mind’s today. The England Cricket Team is a testament to diversity, as well as team success. Several members of the team are of Asian heritage. One comes from South Africa, and the captain was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, an EU nation of course. This international and culturally mixed team will not be noticed by those “hard line” Brexiteers, of course. They will just be saying today that once again England has proven it is the best …

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Brexit uncertainty could reduce your energy

Which way is Brexit?

The other evening, I was in a theatre alongside 1,350 other people. We were enjoying a comedy show. The audience was asked, “Are there any Brexit supporters in the house tonight?” Only a handful of people shouted back, which is telling in itself. Quick as a flash, though, the comedian said “Well, you do realise that after October you are going to have to wash your car yourself?” which got a huge laugh and applause. But it’s not a joke. There is a real chance that Europeans who currently work in the UK – doing more than washing our cars – such as being surgeons and university lecturers – may decide to leave Britain. Yes, I know there’s also a chance they’ll decide to remain (which if they had been …

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