Seven days closer to Brexit and still no progress made by politicians

Brexit Day October 2019

So, here we are again, another week has gone past, and we are seven days closer to that October Brexit deadline. And no progress has been made by our political leaders in sorting out what will happen. When the new Halloween Drop Dead Date for Brexit was established, Mrs May left Brussels with the words of the EU ringing in her ears: “You have an extra six months, use that time wisely.” However, in the first half of that extra time, nothing has happened. Mrs May did plan to bring back her deal for a fourth “meaningful” vote, but was blocked from doing so and had to resign. Indeed, the Conservative Party has been without a leader for several days now. I am not sure I have noticed the difference. …

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Brexit talks break down – well, there’s a surprise…!

Brexit talks not going well

Yes, I know it is late in the day, but it’s been very busy for me today, so I wasn’t able to provide my usual Monday morning Brexit Update. I hope that a Monday evening one will not cause too much of a problem for you. Of course, I could set up a poll asking people whether they would like the weekly Brexit Update to “remain” as a Monday morning event, or whether I should “leave” it until later in the day. But I can predict the result already – almost 50-50. The past week has seen the inevitable – the breakdown of the talks between Mrs May and Mr Corbyn. Interestingly, if you take the words Theresa and Jeremy and mix them up you get what the Prime Minister …

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Politicians fail to agree (again) on Brexit…!

May the Fourth be with you for Brexit

Well, it is Monday morning, so time for my weekly Brexit Update. However, I must add a “health warning” right at the start. Today is 1st April and so you might think that what I am about to tell you is some kind of joke. Believe me. It is NOT. But I wish it were….! As predicted last week, politicians ended up not agreeing to anything, again. Actually, that’s not quite true. They do agree that they don’t agree. Meanwhile, Mrs May lost another meaningful vote. Today, though, it has become clear that she will have a further attempt to get her deal accepted in Parliament tomorrow. I have now realised that she is descended from Obi-Wan Kenobi because if she wins tomorrow she will forever be known as “May …

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