We’re still in the EU 10 days after Brexit should have happened

We tried to leave the EU but we're still there: no Brexit

Well, here we are, 10 days after we were supposed to have left the EU and I am writing another “Brexit Update”. Don’t blame me. It’s Mrs May’s fault, so any letters of complaint should be sent to her. Talking of which, I heard on the radio yesterday that the letter she sent to Mr Corbyn inviting him to the “national unity” talks set out the parameters for conversation. She listed two requirements (according to the person who had seen the letter). Firstly, the withdrawal agreement could not be amended and secondly, the political intentions document could not have a single word changed. So, there you have it. Mrs May’s position for the “national unity” talks is still “my way or the highway”. Interestingly, in Westminster this week, we witnessed …

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Is the “Withdrawal Deal” the only option for Brexit?

Parliament is stuck on Brexit

It’s time for my weekly update on what is going on in Westminster on Brexit. It boils down to four things: 1. The most ardent Brexiteers who have campaigned for years to get us out of the EU have consistently voted against every option put before them in Parliament to enable leaving the EU. 2. Cabinet ministers have lined up to voice their support for Mrs May’s deal and have even spoken in its favour during debates, then they have not voted for the deal. 3. MPs who have campaigned for a couple of years for a second referendum voted against a motion which would have allowed a “people’s vote”. 4. Highly vocal “remainers” are now lining up behind Mrs May’s deal to leave the EU saying it is the …

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